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The corporate greed is by all "types" of people from all backgrounds

Posted by: D Spin man ( USA ) on May 29, 1998 at 09:59:04:

In Reply to: I agree that Macca's robs you. posted by Mcunhappy worker on May 26, 1998 at 09:30:36:

Gooday mate !! I saw your reply and agree with it mostly; however, I would not limit myself to thinking in sterotypical thought patterns concerning the relationship between the exploited and the exploiters. It truly isn't limited to being Jewish--that's what that demon Hitler thought and history has proven him dead wrong. The corporate greed is by all "types" of people from all backgrounds and cuts across all racial and societal segments of the population. Personally I like most Jewish people and can identify with their being persecuted throughout the ages. Just like today's slave workers-exploited. I also like the way the concept of "kubbutz" is being used in Isreal--a communal living arrangement where everyone shares everything and contributes to the group. I wish we had more things like that here inthe states--especially in Florida because I would try it out.
McDonald's profits are based on conformity of the "sheeple" and their ignorance and economic desperation, therefore your use of the word "Jewish" is more connotative than deonotative. The mental image and definition is that a "jew" is a cheap person only out for greedy profits and "fuck" you and your problems. O.K. I understand, but it does remind one too much of the "anti-semitic" hate groups out there and really isn't fair to them.
Nevertheless, we agree that Mickey "D's" isn't as concerned about their employees as they should be.

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