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complaint again

Posted by: t.osborne ( oneonta.ny, otsego ) on May 29, 1998 at 10:04:05:

i eat regulary a mcdonalds across the country.just 15 minutes ago i went through the drive thru ordered two hamberg value meal $3.47 total he had to be the worst meal i have ever had i threw the complete meal in the the garabge. hamberger stone cold ,the french fries large size was only 1/3 full ,cold,and some were so old i think they would break my teeth.i have been at this same store about 10 times and out of 10 times bad food probably 7 also looing in the window kids playing kissy face. i sat at the drive up window about 4 minutes and there wasn't another person in the place.this store needs a management change and someones rearends kicked down the road this is no way to run a business.if someone of inportance reads this message i would care to hear from them mcdonalds chestnut street oneonta is the store i am referring to do you really care or i you just brusing the public off with this bull about we care???????

McSpotlight: Clearly, this is not someone who has tried to read a few other messages before posting, and is thus utterly unaware that we have no connections with McDonald's Inc.

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