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Peer pressure is a serious issue

Posted by: david on June 02, 1998 at 13:44:39:

In Reply to: The corporate greed is by all posted by D Spin man on May 29, 1998 at 09:59:04:

well its interesting as my son has just started working at Mcdonalds and an incident has occurred. Firstly he agree's he's wrong, appears a fellow worker (well established) had been pressurising him, making my son uncomfortable, my son wanted to be part of the group and impress. So this lad turns up and asks for a free cheeseburger, my son said no then the lad came back and asked again, feeling pressured my son (wrongly) gave him the burger. Now the asst manager said to my son did you do that yes my son answered. At that point he should have been sent home, but no the asst mang. said don't worry about it its okay. Turns out not okay. My son (16) called in sadly I was late back from work and although told he could have a witness, did not fully understand the implications. Made a statement as did the lad who asked for the extra free burger.

So I went in to talk to the owner & manager. Agreed son wrong, so they said what to do? people need to know cannot get away with stealing or being party to this behaviour. However I answered circumstances under pressure here. (thought about afterwards, son very niave, not wanting to grass on co worker, not fully understanding implications, keen to please and be accepted). Also I said this person must have been building up a pattern cannot do this just in one go. Later in the converstation appears this lad has been doing other things. So I said this is like a double whammy. Do my son in (as popular and having good reports) and make attention for himself. Why, because the lad was not hungery, just looking to test himself and the system.

So my son and this lad have had a written warning.

My comments, up to the age of 18 (I know everyone will scream) they are still children learning the ropes and if at school, college, will still have the ethos of not wanting to 'grass on anyone' they need better quality protection.

The measures are very severe too black or white should be more clear, also is it the fault of fellow employee's? Saving costs by not issuing the handbook, and how do the workers understand the implications? This could mark a person for life? Maybe they need to see that if young you need to learn about children/teenagers/adulthood and the specialist skills. In an ordinary shop it would have been a severe telling off. The larger the orginisation the more heavy is its approach to the degree of almost being impersonal.

From the owners point of view they must be seen to upholding the letter of the law but as I said yes you are correct in law but not in terms of justice. I would also like to know if the owners do not try to cheat on their say tax returns via the accountant, example claiming expenses.

Do we live by a rule of fear of law or respect for the law. My son has and does not do deliberate things wrong why because it causes problems. Peer pressure is a serious issue

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