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Workers will vote for union (please use this version)

Posted by: Stephen Dyer ( Akron Beacon Journal, USA ) on June 03, 1998 at 09:35:54:

Hello again. I just thought you would be interested to know that the Macedonia workers have filed an election petition with the NLRB to hold a union vote within about 42 days. I'm wondering if any other workers out there would like to comment about it or what you think about the very real possibility of a union forming at a U.S. McDonald's. Either send me a message or call 800-624-9260. I'm not looking necessarily for a direct quote. I'm just trying to roughly gauge the attitute out there. Thanks.

McSpotlight: Please use this version. The other's link didn't go through. Thanks.

McSpotlight: Oh drat, I've just let the other one through. Ah well.

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