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Canadian McWorker Memo

Posted by: BASE727{mad cow Patrol} ( L.S-A.P., Windsor Ont Can ) on June 04, 1998 at 09:48:23:

How many of you Canadian Mcworkers seen this one posred in your office window??

"The Quebec Federation of Labour and one of it's member unions {Teamsters} have just announced their intention to "open wide the machine to unionize McDonald's Restaurants in all Canadian provinces" simply stated they want your buisiness.

The decision to be represented, should be YOURS not the unions and we urge you to question their intentions. Unions are fair in fact, a buisiness and often they will make promises and guarantees in an effort to sell you their servicesin order to expand their membership and revenues. Job security, wages and benifits are often at the top of their promise list. We belive that McDonald's one of the best benifit packages in the industry, not because we have to BECAUSE WE WANT TO. Paid breaks, flexible scedules, training programmes, McGold Card program and job security to name a few are good as or better than any other employer in our industry. Please remember, that these benifits and all other promises the union makes cannot be guaranteed and in fact, must be negociated and agreed to by McDonald's.

It's important for you to be aware that a membership in a union involves a obbligation from YOU. collective agreements generally require that all employees be union members. In addition, all employees must pay dues when certified, which our industry could represent $20.00 or more per month.

Signing a union card is a major decision olong with it there are commitments which you need to be aware of. Signing a union card has legal concequences so it's very important that you have all the facts before you make any decision.

As the Restaurant Manager, I consider you to be the heart of my buisiness. Together with my management team, I continue to do my best to offer a positive work enviroment with a variety of benifits that are designed to enhance your work experince.

We always value the direct relationship we've had with our employees and we strike to respond to your needs and expectations. While we are not perfect, we are commited to maintaining an ongoing and open communication to meet your needs.

Thanks again for your continued support! On behalf of your Managment Team. "

This was posted in early April 1998 courtesy of James..

McSpotlight: Thanks, James.

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