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What the hell is Mgmt. thinking?!

Posted by: M@ ( USA ) on June 11, 1998 at 09:59:59:

I work in a McDonalds in Tennessee. We have recently hired 30-40 new people for "extra crew for the summer" They schedule one person (myself) for grill and 3 or 4 brand new trainees I am lucky if one or 2 of them knows how to cook meat. Then Managers yell at me because we end up holding on food. HOw am I supposed to keep food up without having a trianed crew?! When one of them fucks up we all (orignal crew for about a year) get shafted!!! Also why is it that after close a Manager dissappears to "do reports" only to reappear to bitch about how close is taking so long (after doing a $900 hour) and find extra stuff to clean? My McD's is the worst place to work!!!

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