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Posted by: Sarah F. ( Missouri, U.S. ) on June 12, 1998 at 09:31:52:

This message is in regards to all you employes of McDonalds who have wrote in complaining about people complaining. Yes, I understand that it is not your fault when a beenie baby would run out or that you did not know when the next beenie baby would come out. But, does that ignorance give you the right to be crude and rude to everyone person wh walked through that door. I can walk into a McDonalds on any given day (even when TBB are not there) and expect to be treated rudely and get very poor service. We understand that you employees did not choose to sell the TBB, but you did however choose to work there and for that you take on the responsibility of treating customers fairly and giving them respect, one day its going to go to far and your not going to have any customers at all, and sadly to say, you'll deserve it.

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