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McDonalds provides excellent work experience.

Posted by: Chris Hall ( Canada ) on June 15, 1998 at 13:34:03:

As a Mcdonalds employee for almost 4 years, I feel that it has provided extensive work experience in which I intend to use when I search for a new job sometime in the future. All of you McDonalds workers who feel that their jobs are doing nothing for them, the best alternative is to: Quit the job. McDonalds is cut out for some people, and for some it is. For those who enjoy their jobs, keep it up, because one day, the experience that you have gained out of this will benefit you in the long run, and will be very valuable to an employer. The job may not be the best, but it is a job that needs to be done. We all have our bad days, but we always managae to fix it up!

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