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Posted by: Joe ( USA ) on June 29, 1998 at 19:32:03:

Clue 1: All hourly jobs generally stink...that's why they are hourly. McDonalds is a classic example, and so is Wendy's.
Clue 2: Meat tastes good and grease makes your crap slicker. When my time comes for the heart transplant, I'll grab one from a tree hugger who was just run over by a tractor cutting down a rainforrest.
Clue 3: People generally hate success. McDonalds, Nike, Microsoft, Intel...
Clue 4: If McDonalds just quit and folded shop, and if the McSpotlight usage and financial facts are true, the world economy would take a giant greasy McCrap.
Clue 5: If we just saved up all of our time from surfing and writing these things, we could really save the world from important problems like the Indian nuclear arms race or the Y2K bug. I just spent 30 minutes looking over this site and writing this...imagine that times 1 million...and this being the Web, somebody somewhere will calculate that and post it here.
Clue 6: Sadly, I am part of the problem. And so are my fellow 50 billion happily served burger suckers. In the words of my hero Homer Simpson, McDoh!

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