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Don't give the thief the opportunity.

Posted by: fred ( uk ) on June 30, 1998 at 19:22:03:

In Reply to: Stealing posted by sweet on June 20, 1998 at 16:07:45:

We had a suspected thief in our store but could never prove it. Then he left and went to work in a sports chain. This guy decided one day to leave a pair of trainers outside the back door for an accomplice to pick up later. There was a camera trained on the back door, so this guy thought he'd be smart, and come out of the door backwards with his hand covering his face, so he couldn.t be identified on camers. WRONG - the sports chain gave all their staff funky football shirts with their names written across the back ! What a dickhead. The moral of this story is that thieves are sneaky, but greedy. They want more and more all the time, and are prepared to take bigger risks each time. People become more aware what's happening and more vigilant. It's only a matter of time before the thieving weasel in your store slips up and gets caught. In the meantime buy - and advise others to buy a padlock, and lock your possessions away. Don't give the thief the opportunity.

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