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If they give me an attitude, I'm gonna give THEM an attitude right back!

Posted by: Mike Bacon ( Texas, USA ) on July 02, 1998 at 09:55:07:

In Reply to: I agree with the 'hit them in the pocketbook' mentality posted by Lisamarie on July 01, 1998 at 10:27:57:

No, I don't go around shouting at service people. I was only advising Sarah, who's posted that she's had her share of rudeness from many McDonald's staffers, how to handle that. To sum it up, I advised her that if they jump down her throat, that she jump back, and really embarrass them in front of their crew and the other customers.

Here's another one: If the drive-through clerk gives you any mouth, give him the finger and tell him "Up yours!"...or "Hey! F### You!!!" If you have a Mustang or Camaro, and are a skilled driver,you can then do a burnout from the window to the end of the exit. Lay a nice patch of rubber to emphasise your point (Well maybe not! Scratch that! Unless there's no one else anywhere near your ride and you can do it without losing control.)

But no I wouldn't never shout at the crew unprovoked. Before I go, stay away from the McDonald's on Brown Trail and Airport Freeway. They don't know how to cook their meat and the owner obviously has his head up his @ss! Stay away from the Bedford Wal-Mart McDonald's too! They have Wal-Mart's work ethic (That ain't good! Trust me!!!). The Village Grille in Euless is a great place to get a burger, and owner Mike Haliard and his staff are always great! I do state my case, but I'm not such a bad guy! Lighten up!


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