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Unionizing McDonalds

Posted by: Jamal Nickens ( U.S.A.e ) on July 02, 1998 at 10:18:06:

Hello my everyone, My name is Jamal Nickens. I am a former employee of Macedonia McDonalds. Yes the McDs that went on strike. Our reason for going on strike is how the workers were treated. We all felt as if we were being treated as if we were slaves. And after the strike ended McDonalds resorted back to there old selves. So Bryan Drapp and I attempted to bring the union in. Knowing that we were the main union pushers in the store. McD supervisors made our store an impossible place for us to work. They tried everything in there power to fire us. Eventually they did fire us. And they began to slander Bryan and I. They didn't tell us why we were fired. But they told the media that we were let go because we threatened and harassed workers. That is a total lie. They fired us because they didn't want the union in. And why don't they want the union in. The reason is that if the union got in they would have to treat there workers like the human beings they are and not like slaves. If anyone would like to know more about the things that have gone down. And what will happen drop me an email.

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