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You sound like a hitler.

Posted by: The tree ( Island in the ocean ) on July 06, 1998 at 09:37:52:

In Reply to: Would we be fighting if we didn't? posted by Gideon Hallett on July 03, 1998 at 15:46:37:

You sound like a hitler. People have the right to chose if they want to eat meat or not. If people don't like working at McDonalds, they don't have to. If people want to grow fat and die of clogged arteries, let it be. They are only hurting themselves.
If you want to shut down a major organisation....sure, try. But putting vegetarian stores in is going to start the whole damn rollercoster again- the unfair working conditions will come back, people will complain. People will want meat -people will complain.
It seems no matter what we do in this society, people will complain, there will always be a fight, and while that is going on, the rest of us will sit back and eat our Big Macs and fries.

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