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Ode to the managers.

Posted by: Jane ( Australia ) on July 06, 1998 at 14:34:38:

Ok, I am reading alot about McDonalds, managers and customers not treating the employees like human beings - well arn't they human beings too?? (although I know at times I have wondered).
It must be stressful for them when they have to look after a store and its employees and customers. They have to make sure that nothing goes wrong and if it does, they have to try and fix it. If it were me, I would freeze on the spot.
At my store, if something goes wrong (and it is my fault) then the managers will take the blame. If I am upset or ditressed about something they will help me sort it out, even if it is not work related.
Even in good times and bad times, I know that I owe alot to McDonalds and my managers, they have changed my life in a positive way, more than I or they will ever know.

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