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Supression of wages

Posted by: Mike ( USA ) on July 06, 1998 at 16:59:29:

McDonalds has a very obious "hole" in their employye base. All you'll see, for the most part, is the very young or senior citizens. The strategy is simple..First...Students and the elderly do not qualify for unemployment compensation, therefore it is easy to fire them without experiencing an increase in their unemployment taxes. Second, the comapany knows that 99.9% of the employees will never stay long enought to qualify for any type of retirement so the result is no retirment fund or at least a very minimal retirement. Also, students can be coerced and are more than happy to work for a "free" hamburger. The lack of middle aged "professionals" keeps McDonalds in firm control of their empire without any problems from the workers...Children don't know the law..and senior citizens...well the poor folks are just trying to survive. SHAME ON YOU McDONALDS!!!! STOP EXPLOITING CHILDREN AND SENIOR CITIZENS!!!!

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