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International Solidarity Picket for McD Workers - SUNDAY!

Posted by: J. Adams ( IWW (Wobblies), USA ) on July 07, 1998 at 12:49:21:


Please join us this sunday as various IWW (Industrial Workers of the World) Branches and all other sympathetic parties and persons heed the call of the Macedonia, Ohio McDonald's workers and picket
McDonald's franchises in as many places as possible. This event is to raise public awareness of the Unfair Labor Practices committed by McDonald's against Bryan Drapp and Jamal Nickens who were in the process of organizing a union at McDonald's. So far, the cities that have committed to doing a picket / leafletting event include:

Louisville, KY (where workers staged a walk-out recently)
Gainesville, FL
Macedonia, OH(where it all began)
Richmond, VA
Morgantown, WV
Miami, FL
Atlanta, GA
Tallahassee, FL

Other unconfirmed possibilities include:
Melbourne, Australia
New Orleans, LA
Grand Rapids, MI
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Holland, MI

If you would like to add your city to this list, email me at ringfingers@yahoo.com so that we can have an up to date list the day before the event, which I will post here. Please, organize an event for them this sunday, July 12. Let the bigwigs know that workers are not going to put up with union-busting anymore! And remember, the right to organize a union is a universal human right recognized by the United Nations. It's time McDonald's and every other company out there got the message: we workers have got rights you haven't even heard of yet!

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