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Posted by: Jason Adams ( IWW, USA ) on July 10, 1998 at 09:37:18:

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: the crew at my McD's has wanted a union for some time now. one time a manager overheard us discussing it and said "Do not talk about unions, wages, strikes or anything like that or you WILL be fired ."


Although it flies in the face of the Bill of Rights and Free Speech, they can tell you not to talk about these things on the company floor on their time. But on your break you can talk about whatever you want, as well as anytime that you are not actually on the clock. By federal labor law you can post union information and discuss unions in the breakroom. But on the clock, in the work area you aren't allowed to unfortunately. This is an unfair law and should be challenged in my opinion. I don't believe that it would hold up in court if it were put to the test against the right to free speech. We need free speech everyhwhere in this country, not just outside of the workplace.

>isnt that just a little "yellow dog". The other major problem is we dont know who to contact since we are all teenagers.

contact the IWW, by emailing me at ringfingers@yahoo.com or you can contact the General Secretary-Treasurer at iww@provide.net. Our main website is http://iww.org. The main people you should contact as well are your fellow restaurant workers. Organize meetings for all restaurant workers in your area. Or just fast-food if you are more comfortable with that. Make flyers and get a time and place and do it. Figure out how you can set some industry-wide standards for your area. This is what we are doing in Gainesville. We want to get everyone in the restaurant industry here to all go out on strike on the same day, and demand industry-wide things such as at least $7.50 per hour, a free meal per shift, benefits, etc. The more people you have, the more you can win. Remember, it is you who keep that restaurant working. Not the boss. Without the workers, McDonald's wouldn't be rolling in the absurdly high profits that they currently are.

Oh, yeah - did everyone here about the McDonald's workers in Kalamazoo, Michigan that staged a walk-out recently? So far it is

Macedonia, Ohio
Kalamazoo, MI
Louisville, KY

that have had walk-outs by the workers - so who's next?

J. Adams

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