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Bryan and Jamal stand for what is right

Posted by: Supporter ( U.S. ) on July 13, 1998 at 09:50:50:

I can't believe that anyone would write such things about Bryan and Jamal. They are good people who are trying to make the best living that they possibly can. Although they cannot do this when an industrial giant does everything it possibly can do to make tham look like people who want to be in the spotlight and don't care about anything else. These are excellent young men who did everything in their power to do what was right and helpful---not only for themselves, but for all the other mistreated McDonald's employees across the country. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that McDonald's is treating it's employees bad, I'm just saying that sometimes there is an instance where things get out of hand and the guy on the bottom loses all control of what is going on. Bryan and Jamal were the guys on the bottom and they did something to make sure they kept a little bit of control over their situation in the workplace. Now with the union--they are not trying to raise food prices or anything like that, they are trying to get workers rights and coverage, but the cost of this would come out of their paychecks, not out of the customer's pockets. I am also shocked that a reputable buisness like McDonald's would lie about them. They are just two young men who stood up for what they believed in and got their reputations destroyed by this industrial giant over problems that could have been easily solved with a little help from McDonald's, and that proves the point that McDonald's made this as big as it is and put them in the spotlight, they are just victims of a corporate killer beast! They took the fall by losing their jobs, I really feel their jobs should be returned and McDonald's should apologize so everyone can get on with their lives!!!!!!!

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