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Everything Bryan and I did came from our hearts.

Posted by: Jamal Nickens ( USA ) on July 13, 1998 at 09:53:05:

In Reply to: Don't Be Afraid posted by Here's a tissue on July 10, 1998 at 18:48:29:

I would like to start off by applauding you. It takes a real big person to voice their opinion secretly (YEAH RIGHT). By doing this I know that you are just another McDonalds Corporate employee trying to make Bryan and I look bad. Second in your message you claim to have followed our story. Yet it is obvious from your statements that you haven't been following the story. Take for instance our termination. McDonalds reason for terminating us was that we suppossedly harassed and threatened workers. Which is totally untrue. The face paint was'nt the reason we got fired. McD allowed us to work with the face paint on. So talk to them about the paint in your food. Which would never have happened. And to set matters straight Bryan and I never asked anyone for sympathy we just wanted workers to stand up for their rights. You make a claim that we didn't have enough support. Yet we had the necessary support at our Macedonia McDs to get the union in. But since Mcds has money they have power.

1.They paid their lawyer (s) $400 plus dollars an hour to keep the union out of McDs. Through legal tricks they were able to make the vote 3 stores instead of just ours.

2.They had 20 plus workers from other stores not owned by Jed Greene work one day a week. They even paid for these workers gas And of course these workers would vote no for the union. Why would they want to pay union dues if they worked once a week.

3. McDs intimidated our co-workers. They would threaten their jobs if they showed any support for the union. They interragated our co-workers about their relationships with Bryan and I. They were all discouraged by management not to associate themselves with us. But now that Bryan and I are gone they are turning on the others.

O-yeah before I forget. I was very upset with your comment about Bryan's parents supporting him. First off how can you speak about Bryan when you don't even know him. Bryan works two other jobs besides McDs. He doesn't need his parents to support him. Everything Bryan and I did came from our hearts. All we ever wanted to accomplish was to improve everyones work enviorment. As far as I'm concerned if you stand against us. You are an activist of illegal activities in the work place. I guess I'll let you make the decision.

P.S. I don't know why you referred to me as a conspirator. What was I conspiring to do?

McSpotlight: Conspiracy to freedom, perhaps?

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