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Walking off the job doesn't help anyone's cause.

Posted by: Mike Bacon ( Drink Lone Star Beer, USA ) on July 13, 1998 at 10:09:37:

In Reply to: Corporate Greed Tends to get out of control posted by Quincunx on July 10, 1998 at 10:15:09:

Hi, Qx! How's the summer going up there in Canada? It's a hot one down here! Well, a worker's association (or union, if that's the preferred name) wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for this "walk off the job" business. And no, I don't advocate managers being abusive bastards. But see, this crew walking out the way it did only got the pink slip for all of 'em. And those GM employees up in Flint walking out caused widespread problems nationwide, and impacted the plants up in Canada (where the Camaro and Firebird are built, as well as many trucks) as well. Over in Arlington, TX, we've got people out of work at that plant for lack of parts, not by choice of those employees. And GM customers have to wait God knows how long for a new model or worse to get their car or truck fixed (unless there's a salvaged part from the wrecking yards.).

What the crew at that McDonald's should have done, was after the "rap sessions" failed, IMMEDIATELY started applying at the other fast food places, mall stores, or the area supermarkets, maybe even the retail shops like Wal-Mart or Kmart. It shouldn't be hard to find employment at this time. Businesses are falling over each other to hire ANYONE who will even SHOW UP! As for the owner of that McDonald's, he should be getting his head out of his ass pretty soon, unless he's really a doofus. With the word gotten out about his place, and the seller's job market, I can't imagine he's going to have an easy time filling those involuntarily vacated positions. I know if I found myself unfairly between jobs, priority-1 would be getting my cashflow going again, so maybe I won't have to be filling out the debtor's insurance claims on my truck loan and other debts, and no insurance is gonna pay my rent! Getting a paycheck again will definitely take precedence over any craving I may have for "revenge", "justice", or "vindication".

Furthermore, not all managers and supervisors are bastards. This is illustrated in the positive postings from the other employees of McDonald's. For every Jamal and Bryan, there's a Joey (the Australian poster) and Cara. Given a better climate, and more professional manager, I'm sure the Trolley Dollies would have a much better time on the job. Real troopers, those two ladies.

To close, it's never gonna be a perfect world. The best advice I can give is try to sort it out with the powers that be, and if it remains a shitter, put that resume together and take a look down the road. I myself only recall 2 supervisors I had any real problems with in the past.


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