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Razor blades in play area

Posted by: D and S boulter ( private, Belgium ) on July 13, 1998 at 10:19:30:

We have today taken our two children, aged 2 and 1 to the Mechelen franchise of McDonalds here in Belgium. We use this resataurant frequently and have never had cause to complain. However, whilst taking our 1 year old son to play in the indoor play area, I placed him on the floor approximately 12 inches away from the climbing frame. By luck he was not hurt by the rusty razor blade he sat on. When this was brought to the attention of the manager he said kids bring things into the area all the time, and when asked to he said he would check the area. We waited twenty minutes and none of the staff came to check this area. Today is sunday and the time was late afternoon, the restaurant was teeming with children, all barefoot in this area. When asked again why the area had not been checked, the manager said he was too busy. he said he did not see that there was a problem! After much fuss he reluctantly sent someone to check the area. A three minute cursory inspection revealed no further objects. However our concern is that one of those hundreds of children could have been very seriously hurt, and in the case of a child our sons age who likes to eat froeign bodies, could have proved fatal.

The manger saw us as merely a complaining English couple and could not see that a razor blade lying by the childs indoor chlimbing frame where children are advised to remove their shoes, as a problem. He did nothing , and more worrying did not know what the appropriate course of action should be.

We wish to complain to McDonalds head office in the strongest terms and want some form of investigation launched. What do we do next?

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