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Certainly, Mike, which arm?

Posted by: Gideon Hallett ( n/a, UK ) on July 13, 1998 at 10:28:55:

In Reply to: O God! Give us a break!!!! posted by Mike Bacon on July 13, 1998 at 09:57:09:

: : Whoever posted this message this is Bryan Drapp and Jamal Nickens giving our full support to anyone who wants to unionize McD's. Don't be afraid we will help you beat them. Call me at (330) 467-4581. Or email me as soon as you get this. With our help we can take McDonalds down.

: Bryan, why don't you just start looking for another job if Mickey D's is so bad? This "crusade" of yours to "take down" the entire chain over one bad store is RIDICULOUS!!! Grow up, get a life, and move on!!!

On the contrary, this is just about the most relevant and important thread the Worker's debating room has seen and as such, they have the perfect right to post here.

It is not just one store. McDonald's entire corporate policy is anti-union, even though this is a breach of human rights (UN Declaration, Article 24, I've quoted it elsewhere, but you can find it at the Amnesty International web site).

Giving evidence in the McLibel trial, Sid Nicholson testified that, although they couldn't stop a union being formed, no union activity would be tolerated on premises and that McDonald's as a whole was strongly antipathetic to unions.

Following the decision of the St. Hubert McDonald's to unionize in February, McD's closed the branch, rather than let a union in.

It is NOT just one store. It's the entire festering organization. Personally, I'd rather see 'em all shut, but at least a unionized McD's would see the McSlave become an endangered species.

Would you have the courage to stand up against a monolithic structure like McDonald's, because you felt it was the right thing to do?

No? Then don't be so ready to dismiss those who do.

I'd say this is the most important topic this room has ever had, and if something positive comes out of this vis-a-vis McDonald's it will have made the Worker's room all worthwhile.


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