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Here's your paint Mr. MikeDonald...

Posted by: John Doe on July 15, 1998 at 09:39:38:

It's too bad that the workers who were fired while trying exercise their basic human right (as recognized by the United Nations) to organize a union at McDonald's have to put up with this bullshit from pricks like Mike Bacon who are probably Industry hacks trying to spread rumors of "paint in the food" when in reality the only paint around was on their faces. And why was it there? Because McDonald's ILLEGALLY abridged their right to free speech by occupying the restaurant with 90 corporate executives, telling everyone to shut and stop talking about the union, meanwhile ramming anti-union propaganda down their throats. So Bryan and Jamal wrote "Go Union" on their foreheads and went to work as an act of protest. Bryan and Jamal represent what is still good about America. The spirit of rebellion and questioning illegitimate authority. Remember the Boston Tea Party?

McDonald's customers have alot more things to worry about than paint when they eat at McDonald's! They are contributing to the blatant abuse of basic human rights on the job (since McDonald's refuses to recognize the right to organize a union, as well as the First Ammendment right to Free Speech on the job), environmental destruction in the rainforests, and the murder of millions of animals yearly. So lay off of Bryan and Jamal you frickin unpatriotic nincompoops!

And as for this webpage, why does it have to be a debate? Why can't it be a worker's organizing page like the Walmart workers have at http://www.walmartsucks.com - they use this as a very effective organizing tool for their fellow wokers. They are people talking about unionizing Walmart all over the place on that page and they don't have put up with idiots like Mr. MikeDonald! And everyone is allowed to complain. The mainstream media already gives these corporate sympathizers all the airtime they need - why can't there be an alternative? I would set up a page, but I don't have the technology. Obviously McSpotlight does - let's use the technology to the greatest effect!

McSpotlight: This page was set up to bring the information in the McLibel Trial (two green activists getting sued in the U.K. for handing out leaflets criticizing McD's, you can find the rest of the story by looking around the site). The Debating Rooms exist so that "members of the public" can add their own contributions to the debate and share information around the world.

Obviously, unions are a Good Thing, in that they correct the power balance between employer and employee if the employer misbehaves, and there are various organisations committed to unionizing the "fast food" industry (IWW, IUW, etc, etc).

McSpotlight does have various pages on the subject of McDonald's treatment of workers - they can be found here.

But we're one of the largest "corporate-watching" sites on the Web. We've got over 20,000 pages of evidence here; all of which you are free to peruse.

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