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every cent of profit is theft

Posted by: Flint Jones ( Hardee's turned Wobbly, USA ) on July 24, 1998 at 16:50:49:

In Reply to: That food is NOT yours to take!!!!! posted by Mike Bacon on July 22, 1998 at 09:25:45:

I used to work fast food, never McDonalds, but I did grill, chicken, biscuits and close at Hardees for a year. I outlasted alot the managerment at that location, and saw alot of fellow workers come and go while I served faithfully at my post.

Anyway, it was atleast once a month (or depending on the manager) whether you could take food home or not. The idea, some of the time was, "Well we have to keep X number of whatever ready to be served fast in case of a rush." So alot of food was trashed or left over at the end of the night. You took it home, gave to friends, family or anybody else in the neighboorhood that didn't mind eating something a couple of hours old.

The other half the time, the owners would put the managers feet to fire and get 'em to try and cut back on expenses (like getting rid of overtime hours, cutting back on staff, reducing waste) and they would ban employee from taking home any waste. Well, guess what, there was still plenty of waste so instead of it going to feed somebody it just went into the trash.

: Keep it up Loui, and you're certain TO get caught! It's my : understanding that here in the States, most locations feature : half-off meals for the crew (That would work for me just fine!). I : don't know how it is in Australia, but free meal, % off meal, or : full-price, that's the franchise owner's decision, which you were : aware of when you signed that piece of paper!

Alot of us are of the mindset that decision should be made by those who do the work and not those who "own". If you feel the need to steal food to eat from the place you work, your obviously not being paid enough. You can either go the quiet, lonesome route of stealing from your boss, or you can learn How to Fire Your Boss!

: One of these days it could very well come back to haunt you when the : P & L comes up a few unexplained losses too many! If the owner and : his managers are smart, it shouldn't take 'em long to put 2 + 2 : together.

Now, he's right in that they will eventually figure it out and fire you if you act alone. Thats why you have to work together. You have to take action collectively, otherwise as individuals you'll easily be squashed. Its called solidarity, and it works. So put around 1 + 60 together.

If we workers were smart we'd realize that every cent of profit is theft. It is unpaid wage! Managers get wage or salary, and many owners pay themselves a salary as well. But profit, profit is something else entirely. It represents all earnings beyond the cost of operation. With a union contract, you can open up the books to the workers... and see exactly how much money they make from your work.

: So if you love your job like you claim, show the owner and your : : bosses some respect ...AND some gratitude for promoting you to Crew : : Trainer! You can start by QUITTING your inside shoplifting : : schemes!!!!

If your love your job like you claim, show the owner and your bosses that your on too their inside robbery schemes that happens every pay check! And get back some of what they stole, form your own union.


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