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Would you tolerate someone stealing from you?

Posted by: Mike Bacon ( Texas, USA ) on July 28, 1998 at 09:47:24:

In Reply to: Chow down, Loui. posted by Gordo on July 27, 1998 at 10:38:22:

No, I didn't intend to advocate that the franchise owner and his managers have the right to treat the employees like shit. And yes I do agree with open door policies. In fact if you have an idea on making the railroad run better then expressing it makes you look good.

I understand the merits of a positive working environment, and both sides should strive toward that end. As for the tail wagging the dog, no that is NOT a situation that I would have in any business that I might own and operate. After all, I took all the risks in getting it to fly, and ultimately the veto power is gonna stay with me. Yet I would be open with my employees, and explain and back up the reasons behind my decisions. I would pay the staff the best wages I could afford to pay, but I will NOT starve myself or cripple my business. If my franchise were to be inhibited, that means we would ALL lose!!!

And if I caught an employee stealing from me, the amount of the loss would come out of that person's pay in installments each paycheck, until the full value was recovered. Then the NEXT time, if that person were stupid enough to screw me over again, I would give him/her the choice of resigning, ...or being terminated and facing CRIMINAL charges!!!

As for deplorable work environments, I don't care if the entire management is dysfunctional. If you didn't pay for the food item or merchandise, you have NO BUSINESS taking it!!! Even T.R. agrees on that point. If you've tried and failed to improve conditions at your McDonald's or any other employer, get that resume together and start hitting that trail. Don't be a martyr! It isn't becoming?

Finally, what would YOU do if you caught an employee under your supervision stealing?


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