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Droll Trolls Pretending to be Reasonable?

Posted by: Quincunx ( IWW ) on July 31, 1998 at 18:22:51:

In Reply to: You cannot afford to ignore the opinions of those you disagree with. posted by The Trolley Dollies on July 27, 1998 at 10:19:54:

DT: Actually, we are employees too, you know. Just a few rungs up from the crew in the grand scale of things. We certainly do not own the means of prouction. We are just slightly better paid and have more responsibility.

Qx: You're a corporate sycophant and begging for crumbs at the table is something you've learned to be good at. Hence the nice collar and leash.

DT: And just because we disagree doesn't mean you should ignore us. What's the point in only having a debate with people who agree with you ?
Actually, it's like I pointed out before. You're simply trying to suck FW Jason into an excursion into ethical relativism. It doesn't work and you don't have the guts to admit it. Not even silently.

Also the bit about Irishness is really a lot of self-deprecating rambling on your part. If you're a republican I think you got your ideas about Republicanism from Ronald Reagan. Not your local yokels.

DT: Look. Here's the facts relating to our situation.

Qx: Yeah, yeah, yeah

DT: We are workers.

Qx: Bullshit. You are bosses and you tell us so with every posting of yours.

DT: We have an opinion on work.

Qx: Hopefully, it's well coached. All the more to make it believable.

DT: It is based upon our experiences in work.

Qx: From the point of view of the boss and a really sick boss at that.

DT: It is just as valid as yours.

Qx: Please show us credentials from your PR firm.

DT: Are we not free to express our ideas and opinions, just like you ?

Qx: Actually, you're freer than us in that respect because you have the power to fire and hire. Plenty of working folks get canned for uttering even a smidgeon of criticism or grievance towards their employers. Managers don't. It's that simple.

DT: If you can't take criticism don't stand up and make yourself a target.

Qx: Excuse us but where did Jason not take criticism? You're conjuring up a fancy scenario for yourself here. Again you're not fooling anyone.

DT :You cannot afford to ignore the opinions of those you don't agree with.

Qx: How do you know Jason or any other Wobbly ignores the opinions of others? It looks like you're the one lathering yourself up in the guise of civil politeness in order to make your image look all the more respectable.

However, what Jason and I (and rest of the IWW) do not do is ignore the arguments of others. In fact it is the arguments of others (especially corporate sycophants) that we pay close attention to and contest because we do not and will not identify with the lies, fabrications and distortions of oppressors. Which is what you seem to do.

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