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As You Can Appeal to the Redneck Dogma of the Straw Boss.

Posted by: Quincunx ( IWW ) on July 31, 1998 at 18:44:20:

In Reply to: It's OK to voice your opinion as long as...... posted by Mike Bacon on July 29, 1998 at 09:46:54:

MB ...it's the same as that of the union supporters and those posters who are automatically anti-business biased. Voice a different opinion, and you will be verbally caned...and good!

Qx: Actually, it's for typing out absolutely callous remarks about workers (GM workers the most recent) that has gotten some folks so ticked off at you Mike. Also, to call them automatically anti-business biased is presupposing that these people have always been anti-business biased or hat they are so anti-business in their biases as to have no idea of how a business survives.

That isn't how an accurate assessment of anyone percieved as anti-business should be viewed. After all, they have more than likely been in a business (I know I have) and know the fine points of the differences between a big corporation and becoming incorporated oneself (which I've done several times). (Hint: UPS was a competitor).

MB: John Doh called myself and other posters a fistful of names...and others including Mr. Doh have accused me of working for McD's Public Relations or being a company plant "spreading progoganda and lies" on this website among other ridiculous allegations.

Qx: Well, that does sound rather ridiculous considering that you've roasted McD's on more than a few occasions.

MB: I believe a store-specific workers' committee would be a much better interface between owner/management and employees than any national union.

Qx: And look at what the rap sessions have done to improve relations. Absolutely bugger all when it comes down to grievance handling. So much for be a self-regulating entity and expecting the entire world to believe McD's propaganda.

MB:If run right, positive outcomes stand a better chance of happening, with hopefully no antagonization shit like national and worldwide unions seem to encourage.

Qx: Actually, the antagonaization you mention has been exacerbated by McD's management practices towrds the vast majority of their employees. If they could respect their workers they can recognize a union. So to accuse unions of encouraging tensions is to take the side of the profit-mongers and to fall for the corporate media spin that has been in a dominant position in the USA without really studying the extent and history of US media. Especially on a comparative level vis-a-vis Europe and Canada. You might find that US media is very well muzzled when it covers labor-related issues.

: Well I better get off got a doctor's appointment in a few minutes. I'll talk later. Mike.

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