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Co-workers and even Managers did it here too!

Posted by: Jade ( n/a, Philippines ) on August 02, 1998 at 13:32:37:

In Reply to: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace posted by Curiousity the Cat on July 15, 1998 at 09:42:39:

I was also a former employee of these restaurant franchised by Mc George Food Industries (Mc Donald's Philippines) and it so happened that your web sight attracted my attention concerning the issue of sexual harrassment. I just want to share my experience while working there,(it wasn't really my experience, it's from my co-worker, eventually she became my girlfriend until now).
Well it started from a simple pat on the back from our manager (that's two of them), until later on they started to hug her too close to be comfortable for her. Well I know that for most of you out there hugging is almost natural in your places but not here in the Philippines. It is reserve only for relatives, during special occasions (of course), by couples, and the same sex (as long as the other one is not a homo). So it is uncommon here for a manager to hug a service crew except if he cannot control his libido. Well I told her to report it to our store manager (the one who did it is just a 2nd Assistant Manager) but she was afraid to take the action fearing the Management staff may just dismiss it and it will put her, specifically her job in trouble. One time, one of her uniform button was missing causing the other side of her uniform to bulge in the part of the missing button. One can easily see her bra whenever she stoop down to pick something and this manager just stood there looking inside her uniform and afterwards acted like nothing hapenned. Another incident is when this manager brushed his hard plucker (pardon the word) on her buttucks while she was working at the counter. This manager is even used to sharing this things to our security guard, and this guard it so hapenned, was really feeling sorry for me so this guard told me about it. It hapenned again at the crew room. That was when we were already working there for one year already.

There's this instance that these two male managers used to telling stories about this sex things loudly and even encouraging some of us to tell something about it and this hapenned while were taking our break. This made the crew loose their apetite. That's no wonder if some of our
co-workers are free to do the same things since our manager are doing it. Here's another instance when this manager (these two managers that I'm talking about are the only senior male managers here in our store in the period of the last quarter of 1996 up to now while the other managers are just MT and Swing M's) kissed her while taking a rest at the entrance of the counter and they were talking. The manager did this while acting like he's going to whisper to her and ended up kissing her on the cheeks. Well again, this is not so natural, kissing one's cheek is okey if someone just arrived from a long trip and it's your relative, girlfriend, or when there's a specials occassion, but it is just an ordinary working day and she's not even his girlfriend and in fact we were already going steady at that point. This forced the two of us to resign, me, last November 1997 and she resigned just last February this year. We reached two years working for this restaurant specifically Mc Donald's Naga (Mc George Food Industries) Philippines and we just recieved this kind of behaviour. I may be jealous but I think this manager had just did it too much. I hope this will attract the attention of the people at the Head Office in Makati, Philippines.
I'm just concerned to the other girls who was left behind at the store fearing the outrage of these two managers if they will speak up about it, and I'm feeling sorry for it. Dear co-workers and former crews expect for some updates from me. Thanks, and hoping for a better Mc Donald's WorldWide!

(Note: They did it not only to her but most of my female co-workers suffered it too)

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