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Posted by: The TRUE Trolley Dollies ( Northern Ireland ) on August 02, 1998 at 15:54:17:

In Reply to: McDonald's is a benevolent corporation posted by Trolley Dollies on July 29, 1998 at 17:21:56:


Are we going to have to become The Artists Formerly Known As The Trolley Dollies and post under a new name or what ? We never thought for a moment we'd become so popular that everyone (at the IWW) would want to impersonate us ! Look guys, if that's how you really feel, good on you, but don't let your comrades find out !

And for the record, we don't think McDonald's is a benevolent corporation.

It's pretty sad that now that some people in the IWW Thought Police don't want to debate in the open they have resorted to impersonation, misinformation and insidious tactics !

For the record, we are not 100% pro McDonald's. Don't forget that although we work within the organisation, that gives us the advantage of seeing and understanding what really goes on. We realise that you guys are concerned with the wider issues but we have our opinions too. We aren't so institutionalised that we regurgitate the company line
all the time - even though you may think we do. Just because we aren't toeing the IWW line doesn't mean we can't put our slant on things either. Anyway, we feel we've justified our existence enough for today. We might as well admit that we are secretly flattered that someone went to the trouble of pretending to be us - especially in the second, more grammatically accurate post, but please, let us speak our own minds.

The TD's (By the way Qx, the DT's are what you get the morning after a heavy night. As tough as it is arguing with you guy's, we never feel that bad when we get up the next day !)

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