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No, Julia! That wasn't me!

Posted by: Mike Bacon (Real one!) ( Texas, USA ) on August 02, 1998 at 15:55:19:

In Reply to: I don't believe this message posted by Jules on July 30, 1998 at 15:09:07:

Nope! For some reason, an impersonator thought he'd get cute and use my name to post a crude message. I posted a rebuttal saying that wasn't me yesterday. I don't understand why McSpotlight didn't let that message in, but I hope they let this one through next time they add messages. I consider the Trolley Dollies as cyber-friends, as well as yourself and even most of the people I disagree with.

It's possible the one impersonating me could be one of the more radical anti-business biased type. The kind who thinks profit is evil, and thinks the same about most executives and managers. Sometimes I find this amazing! Voice a different opinion, and you get verbally caned, or someone impersonates you in a tasteless manner.

I'm not pissed off about this, because the person doing this shows the sum of his parts. As for the McDonald's chain, BK chain, or whatever, I'm not against their existance, nor the existance of any other corporation. I have no vandetta, or manifesto, [please help me pick the right term] objective to bringing down McDonald's, BK, or even the tobacco industry. As for the allegations of franchise owners, managers and executives "abusing" the employees, I don't believe that most franchise owners or managers (or even CEO's) enter the business with that specific intention. Don't get me wrong! I'm not denying that there are bad apples...I know each barrel has some.

To close, I've said this before but I want to stress again that national and international unions appear to be anti-business biased by their nature. I don't see how they could "help improve" things in the food service industry, namely McDonald's for the sake of this board. A quality work circle of employees, and a quality management task force, given that they don't flame and antagonize each other, would much more likely steer things in the right direction. And let's not forget customer input, of course. I hope this will be posted. I'm not mad at the imposter (I know it's not a technical glitch because he ended the post with my full name.), but I do want to reassure this room that I'm not the one who posted that. I understand the McSpotlight organization is paying the cyber-rent for this site,and they have the right to regulate it so things don't get out of hand therefore I don't make requests here often, but please do me a favor and let this one in.



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