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Sorry to disappoint you Qx, but we aren't !

Posted by: The Trolley Dollies ( Northern Ireland ) on August 02, 1998 at 17:28:04:

In Reply to: Droll Trolls could be Mafia Molls posted by Quincunx on July 29, 1998 at 09:50:44:

Dear Qx

We think you are hoping we are, in order to set us up for a truly public slaying, but you've assumed too much.

There isn't much we can do to convince you that we aren't the McD's PR department, but hopefully you'll just believe us when we say that we aren't. Coincidentally, before we read this, a response to a post by Mike Bacon (about split personalities) was posted tonight about who we really are, but the computer crashed in the middle of posting it, so we aren't sure whether it will appear or not. If it doesn't, we will re-post it.

It's a shame you have got this paranoid idea that we are McD's PR machine - your once dignified posts have become bitter personal attacks.

OK, there probably are people in the PR department paid to read and post on this site, but unfortunately it's not us. We'd love to sit on our arses all day and get paid huge wads for "managing crises", but we're are at the sharp end, and we spend all day on our feet managing lesser crises for a lot less money.

We certainly don't claim to be defenders of McDonald's - although you probably think we are condoners, because we work there. There are many things we think about our jobs and the company we work for that are not for discussion here, but the alternatives are more or less the same. One corporation is the same as another - they're all out for profit, so a change of job would just be a sideways move into another organisation working in a similar way.

What keeps us in this job is not a love of everything McDonald's. It's our personal financial and domestic situations. We certainly do not plan to be with McDonald's forever. At the moment we are in it for what we get out of it, and when the time is right to move on, we plan to, with a sigh of relief !

Despite all the recent impersonations and identity crises on this site we would like to assure you that we simply speak for ourselves, not the company. They are big enough and ugly enough to defend themselves - the McLibel Two will testify to that !

We don't know what we can do to convince you that we are genuine. Like we said in the post in reply to Mike (the one that we aren't sure if it made it !) we are "The Trolley Dollies" for a reason - we would be too easily identified in Northern Ireland if we used our real names. We don't want the company to know we are posting on this site - you of all people are aware of how hyper sensitive they are about employees speaking out.

The opinions we voice are all our own. We are not McInstitutionalised -yet !

Hope this clears things up a bit


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