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DT's Straw Man

Posted by: Quincunx ( IWW ) on August 02, 1998 at 21:59:19:

In Reply to: Two wrongs don't make a right posted by The Trolley Dollies on July 31, 1998 at 18:12:04:

DT: Feeling aggrieved about the way a company operates is fair enough.
: It still doesn't justify your support of people who steal.

Qx: Now that's a false claim that you're attributing to me. Somehow I'm not surprised.

DT: It's not a case of striking a blow for the oppressed or making a political statement.

Qx: It's a case for examining the hysterical reaction that you have towards even the mere mention of employees theft at McD's.

Qx: For example, here in Northern Ireland there are hundreds of paramilitaries in prison because they killed people. But they maintain that because it was a political act of war it was justified, and they are wrongly convicted. Don't try to say these people, who chose to take the action they did, are the victims. There are basics of wrong and right, and two wrongs don't make a right.

Qx: Cry me a river. The death toll in N.I. is peanuts compared to any US city. If you want to discuss rational choice theory you had better prepare a better argument.

DT: If you think McDonald's are so bad for exploiting their customers / workers are you not stooping to the same level by condoning what you consider a similar act ?

Qx: Read this and read it good. You've erected a straw man by attributing a justification for theft to me and now you're trying to take it to the brink. That;s ethical subjectivism for you. Agreeing to disagree is common enough but I have my suspicions about your debatings here.

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