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When the shit hits the fan....hit the deck!!!!!

Posted by: Mike Bacon (The real McCoy!) ( Texas, USA ) on August 03, 1998 at 09:54:13:

In Reply to: When the shit hits the fan.... posted by The Trolley Dollies on August 02, 1998 at 17:29:02:

: Sorry to hear you aren't well Mike ! Your enemies would say it's all the
: Double Quarter pounders...!

Actually, I'm doing quite good. My asthma hasn't flared up in a long time, and I got over my June cold alright. My checkup at the doctor's went great. But since high cholestarol runs in my family, my doctor decided to prescribe Zocor. I had a bad reaction to it, so next day my doctor told me to lay off of it till Tuesday then try again. If I get it again, he told me to pitch it and maintain disciplined eating.

: We're glad you seem to agree with us - it's definitely unpleasant to be accused of being a fraud. It's almost as if anti business types can't quite believe there are people like us around. It certainly doesn't make our opinions less valid.

A possibly contoversial reply at the top of the page just got posted. I know everyone's gonna chew my butt good for it (I talk about snobby suburban teens and welfare mothers), but what can I say it built up and I got carried away. Felt good to get it off my chest though. It's not that I agree with everything McDonald's and the business community does. But I don't share Jamal's, Bryan's, and Qx's mission to shut the chain down. That's ridiculous! And it ain't likely to happen any time soon.

: Well, when the shit hits the fan, it's never evenly distributed - and it looks like you and us are going to have to continue taking more than our fair share !

Well I got my umbrella ready for the next load of poo to come my way. Oh hell! It washes off like most substances.

: PS - we responded to a post from you about us being split personalities - was that you or not ? We are confused. We don't know if the post made it in the end - the PC crashed when we posted it. BUT it does contain some important info about who we REALLY are ! If it didn't make it - we will re-post. Watch this space....


Nope! It was another impersonator or the same one from last year. I posted a rebuttal saying it wasn't me. Took two days before it was added to the board, and I didn't see your "hit the fan" post until just a few minutes ago when I logged on. It appears that you two got impersonated also a few times. Something's fishy in Denmark!

Ah well, I hope the imposter is posting out of Singapore. Maybe he'll be caned! :-) Well I guess I better get off. Got a long day tomorrow.


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