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You bet!

Posted by: Bengt ( McD, Sweden ) on August 03, 1998 at 16:15:36:

In Reply to: I don't think Joey Stalin has posted here in over 6 months. posted by Mike Bacon on August 02, 1998 at 21:49:04:

Of course I am following this debate, and the occasional (sic) verbal abuses that are going around. I believe in the self managment, and we are doing it in Sweden, but you need to have a leader. What we are trying to abolish, is the manager who spends his time going around telling people the obvious. Most people grow with responsibility and are able to to take on more tasks. This does not mean that there is a total "anarchy" - there should always be a leader, but a leader to define the goals, the way of getting there and be in charge of follow up and feedback. To accomplish this, you need people and you need managers that are capable of taking care of people. This is where I believe that the US are not doing what they can and should. McDonald´s in the US, as a whole that is, need to start treating their people with more respect. They are doing things in this direction, but should have begun years ago.

As you are well aware of, the right to unionize is a right that exists in Sweden and I believe that everybody should have that right. What I did not like, was that in Sweden you did not, in reality, have the right not to unionize. In a democracy, everybody should have the right to choose.

I believe that a union should work in cooperation with the company. What everybody have to realise, is that if the company is not making money - no jobs! To many unions have gone political and seem to look on the employers as their enemies. If you believe that the workers should own the means of production, as you do, then that is understandable- but to me it is not. I also believe that everybody should be a part of the company in which they work, but then you have accept that your wage etc is based on the success of the company. If you get a bonus in good times, then you should also be prepared to accept a wagecut in bad times.

I do not share the values of the IWW, surprising?, and what I do not understand is why you came in (in Macedonia that is)? As far as I know, the employees went to the teamsters and not to the IWW. To me it seems that you have been using this case as a mean to benefit your own ends. I am not saying that it is so, but this is what it looks like to me?

I always enjoy a good debate, but cut down on the abuse! I would also like to complment Mike Bacon on his many, and enjoyable, postings. He is truly consistent.


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