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His PC was probably repossessed or something !

Posted by: The Trolley Dolly ( Northern Ireland ) on August 03, 1998 at 16:52:50:

In Reply to: I don't think Joey Stalin has posted here in over 6 months. posted by Mike Bacon on August 02, 1998 at 21:49:04:

: TD's if you haven't read my rebuttal, it wasn't me that posted that "personalities" message.

I realised that after I replied to it, with the post that never made it. But the shocking truth about the Trolley Dollies has been revealed elsewhere on this site.

: Just as the Dallas Cowboys need a head coach to devise stratigies to execute on the playing field, someone at the local McDonald's needs to make sure that all important tasks are taken care of, including keeping the place up to lawful sanitation requirements, and making sure the customers get quality food, and efficient, CHEERFUL service.

At times, it is like being a nursery school teacher. In fact, maybe I should switch jobs, I'd have all the experience required.

: So how about giving the TD's a little bit of credit, huh? They know where they're coming from!

What a relief ! Someone who doesn't think I am a corporate creation.

Incidentally, I was also annoyed when I thought some of my posts had been binned, but I usually wait a few days before posting again in case the moderator is having a day off (whatever one of those is !) I think only one post of mine was never give the light of day - and it was probably seen as irrelevant. It was something to do with how vegetarian food makes me fart.

I've just read your very controversial post about single mums. Prepare to be roasted for that one ! Actually, I suppose I'm glad the heat is going to be taken off me for a bit. But you can always count on me for a bit of back up !


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