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lack of training

Posted by: DAVID TINGLE ( USA ) on August 16, 1998 at 01:15:55:

my wife and mother both worked for mcdonalds briefly and both quit for the same reasons . lack of training !

they both said that they were being chewed out for doing things a certian way . one person would say do something one way , and another would chew them out for doing it the way they were told to do it.

what is most impressive about there stories is that they worked completely seperate shifts and quit the same day for the same reason without even knowing what was going on with the other . now to me that says something is wrong , and that something needs to be done about it . the McDonalds in question is the indianapolis indiana east washington st. mcdonalds near eastgate consumer mall . please do your self a favor , if you are thinking about applying there save yourself some heartache and trouble and DON'T APPLY. it's not worth the trouble

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