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Iced Tea

Posted by: Jan Ruhs ( USA ) on August 16, 1998 at 11:07:48:

Please, please, please get that horrible rotten new tea out of there and bring back brewed tea.You've lost our morning business along with a million others because of that God awful stuffhas any of you bothered to taste thatcrap? I won't even take a drink with my meal deal. Tea is my most favorite drink with breakfast when I'm on the flyin the morning. WE have had many friends telling not to stop at Mcdonalds for breakfast because of your new tea. You're going to lose a lot of business. We used to stop every day and get tea at least and usually a breakfast meal now we go get a bagle and bring our own tea.

McSpotlight replies: For the X hundredth time we are not McDonald's. We do not care remotely if their custom goes down. In fact speaking personally I am very glad that you and your friends will not be stopping for tea at McDonald's any more. But why not take a look around this site for some more good reasons not to go to McDonald's. And why not make yourself a nice cuppa at home while you're at it.

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