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Thanks MickeyD's

Posted by: nikole alvarado ( USA ) on August 19, 1998 at 16:15:44:

I'm 14 years old and I just started working at McDonalds 6 months ago. At the time I was hired I was very into drugs. I was hanging out with "the wrong people" I was getting in A LOT of trouble at school. And at the time I was really short on cash and my parents didn't have a whole lot of money to give me and my older brother who is 16 had been working at McDonalds for about a year. And everyday he came work telling me that mcdonalds was really shorthanded. So, as a joke I went into the store and asked for a application. I read over the application later on at home and I figured I might as well fill it out so I did. The next day as my mother dropped my broth off from work I walked into the store and I turned in my application. That very day I was hired. I don't think I have ever been so happy in my whole life.
Of course the first few days were stressful but I got though them. I started working more after school and I stopped hanging out with my old friends as much. I figured i couldn't go to work high so I didn't do drugs on days i worked. At work I felt very accepted, the managers treated me almost like family. They didn't treat me like a child they treated me like a co-worker. They let me know I was a good worker and that they needed me. McDonalds as given me something that I don't think I could ever give back to the company. McDonalds gave me a place to go after school where I could make money, good friends, and job experence. McDonalds turned me away frome drugs and trouble and to the real world.
Since I have been working at McDonalds I have made a lot of friends but I have also met my hero. Her name is Tracy and shes a manager. Tracy is so real, she is always there to talk, she always lets you know your a good worker, and shes a great person to know. She is all this and she still mantains a tight shift. She makes sure everyonr has a job to do and she handles all the customers very well.
Since I have gotten that job at McDonalds my life has taken a turn for the better. Sure there have been days where I just felt like throwing a big mac in someones face. Or when I don't ring something up because I just don't feel like argueing with the customer. But without this job I really don't know where I'd be.
Well that's about all I have to say. I just wanted to thank McDonalds for all they've done for me. And I just hope that someday I can give back to the company what they gave to me.

Thanks for your time,

Nikole Alvarado

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