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Posted by: Bad Neighbors ( Washington state, U.S.A. ) on August 20, 1998 at 10:14:34:

Unfortuntely, your problems do not stem from Mc Donalds directly, but is rather A symptom of A much larger disease affecting the larger part of the free world. This affliction is known as beurocracy(although we have other names for this condition,however most of them contian only four letters and this is A public forum) This means that some person has made such A profit from the gifts of the laborers hands, that they now believe that there great hoards of money make them A superior form of life and that the pittance that they share with you of this great wealth(even though 5 us dollars per hour may sound appealing to someone in another country where the american dollar is stronger, when you pay rent,power, food and transportation, this money amounts to about one third of the nescessary funds to prevent you from falling into irreconcileable debt.)leaves you no money for you to save for yourself to retire or vacation or for that matter to buy a con of coca-cola. Dispite this miserable existance as A slave once again dispite freedom, the alternative is nothing. At this point you would have no money and since you've no savings to live while you change jobs or retrain to hope for A bit better life,you are now effectively homeless, and have no way to stay clean to regain employment and nobody wants that! so from a beurocracy viewpoint you need there pittance so bad that in exchange for this you WILL (or else)give up your free time, your pride, your dignity, your spouse, your children(they can go to daycare, who cares if they are molested,raped, beaten,prostituted,raised in contrast to your own way of life, you have other things to worry about.like all those things happening to you as well as your children,afterall the streets aren't exactly safe in any country.)in short, your needs,however reasonable must wait on the back burner while your entire life is devoted to earning more money for this thankless one to make him more powerful so he can tell you,and your needs to kiss off all the more!...the solution.....learn to live wild. eat the foods nature, let anywhere that will keep you dry and warm be your home and tell the beurocrats to kiss off (whether they be McDonalds or the auto makers or safeway foods. the name is irrelevant, the tyrrany INTOLERABLE. in the words of the late bob marley" none but ourselves can free our minds " for as long as we continue to believe in there artifically created need, forever shall those self appointed wonderful few dominate your destiny.....Peace, and good health to ALL,and may Truth stand tall.

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