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As for McDonalds being so great:

Posted by: Julia- The Gruntled Generation ( BK, USA ) on August 20, 1998 at 14:46:18:

In Reply to: I agree but!!!!! posted by Adrian on August 20, 1998 at 10:21:39:

: i agree with what you said about a company needs to make money and etc
: but Mc Donalds food s better than Burger King or in Australia its Hungry Jacks. I work at McDonalds and i also do the managment course im 17.McDonalds still owes 85% of the fast food sector, compared to BK who have no customer skills no good geniuen service and your stalls are always dirty. Sorry but our McDonalds stores are the best standards in the world, but well done for telling those sad people who have nothing better in their lives off.
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: McSpotlight: Those sad people who have nothing better in their lives than moderating this Debating Room?

Actually for once I wasn't trying to be mean to the McSpotlight dudes, Actually i really don't even know who they are. I wrote that message cause I had sugarcoated most of my previous messages. As for McDonalds being so great: I guess youve never been to any of the ones near me. If you had you wouldn't be saying that. The McD's employees around here actually eat at BK. The Mcd's near my BK is so gross that NO ONE eats there. Im surprised they haven't closed down yet. The other Mcd's near my home has the rudest employees possible. And the one in the Walmart is in Walmart which makes that one off limits because I refuse to go into Walmart. Finally, there is one slightly halfway decent one but it sells Mcd's food which is after all low quality mcds food so i guess I won't be eating there

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