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with the help of management of course..

Posted by: Quincunx ( IWW ) on August 21, 1998 at 10:49:50:

In Reply to: the only one who can put you on the bottom is yourself. posted by C.Morgan on August 11, 1998 at 09:56:25:

....and with absolutley no class consciousness that's how it's rationalized.

CM: I am not sure where you are writing from. In Canada and the USA the only one who can put you on the bottom is yourself. And you are the only one obligated to get yourself out of it. I don't deny a person's right to organise. Just be prepared for the consequences.

Qx: This sounds a bit contradictory when you tell people to be prepared for the consequences. Is that because organizing a union has been known to be hazardous to long-term employment and you blame the people who want a union for that situation or are you just ignoring the fact that many employers will do anything to stop a union?

CM:In the private sector when unskilled people go union nobody wins. Look forward to store closings. The stores that don't close will have to increase prices, this will lead to lost customers which in a highly competitive business like fast food will surely happen. Which in turn will lead to more closings and more layoffs. Do you see the cycle yet?

Qx: Yes, it's the rationale for downsizing, outsourcing and other comfy terms that passes for the newspeak of globalization that you seem to see as "natural" as a free market (a rather lame mystical doctrine). It's part of the cycle of caitalist greed that is vaingloriously eulogized as part of the free enterprise system but without the element of human compassion. That's why workers organize.

CM: In private enterprise the only thing that can dictate unskilled wages is supply and demand. If you upset that balance, it will only lead to unemployment.

Qx: A tad off the rocker but I can see what you're getting at when it's obvious that you're uttering yet another nostrum of neo-classical economics and ignore the fact that keeping a work force as unskilled as possible allows for the excuse of "workforce flexibility". In other words keep 'em working for peanuts and deny them any reason for a decent living wage.

CM: But hey, it's your neck, Mcunions won't affect me a bit.

Qx: Of course you haven't a clue as top what solidarity is and perhaps a refresher management course on manipulating human relationships could aid in blinkering you further. That's what courtesanage is all about when you don't think you're going to be affected by the sufferings and struggles of others.

MC: You couldn't pay me to eat that swill.

Qx: You couldn't pay me to be a sycophant for corporate dominance.

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