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McDonald's and Unions don't mix!

Posted by: McD worker ( McDonald's, Canada ) on August 21, 1998 at 20:16:43:

OK, so everyone is talking about getting unions for McDonald's......Ok but look at the bad points of this...what will a union offer/deliver?

better Wages? sure they talk big, but how much of your "better wage" will goto the union? you can bet they'll take a good chunk of it.

better working conditions? couldn't this be solved my contacting the head office it the McD Corp....i'm sure if the conditions are really that bad the McD Corp doesn't want one of its stores to show it

better hours/scheduling?....well as i see it the only way you're going to get better hours is by taking someone else's..which would me ..you got it..lay offs reducing the store's staff.

Also just as a note, In my community a local coffee shop giant tore down its outlets and rebuilt in other locations because the employees were going to unionize...the actually tore down the shop and rebulit down the road....this was 5 years ago and today the former employees are still fighting and getting nowhere get the point? McD's would probably do the same, they can afford it after all a new McD's opens something like every 5 minutes somewhere in the world..

Don't rely on a union to all of a sudden change everything for you, stand up for yourselfs and talk to those in charge Someone will listen and help you!!

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