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Listen to Bryan Drapp Interview IWW Radio Network

Posted by: Flint Jones ( IWW, USA ) on August 22, 1998 at 09:24:34:

First broadcast of Class War Radio
is now available on the IWW International Radio Network. Tune in and listen to an interview with Bryan Drapp (who along with Jamal Nickens) were the principle organizers behind the walkout at the McDonald's in Macedonia, Ohio. In this interview Bryan talks about: harrassment, Teamster involvement, firing, NLRB case, action plan vs. contracts, banned from McDonald's, closing of unionized McDonald's in Canada, flying in 95 corporates to bust the union and scab, McDonald's broken promises, other tatics besides striking, boycotts, and solidarity pickets.

Also in this episode: IWW Southern Organizing Conference in Tennessee,
Union Awareness Training Manual from Border's Books,
IWW Direct Action Tactics,
IWW International Radio Network.

You'll need the Real player to listen to show online.


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