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unions no help

Posted by: McD Worker aganist unions/IWW ( Canada ) on August 22, 1998 at 09:43:15:

In Reply to: Unionizing McDonalds posted by Jamal Nickens on July 02, 1998 at 10:18:06:

So you want other McD employees to follow your example and take on McD's or try to unionize?? ok so if we lose our jobs, can we go after you?? Some of us are in school and right now McD is a great place to work at...You had a bad experince..ok...deal with it, don't enforce your beliefs/opinions on us who have great experinces.....Most employees don't want a union, you complain about the McD exec's bulling employees around, well the IWW is doing the excat same, enforcing their opinons on us telling us we need a union telling us that or pay and wages are bad cause of a few bad stores/owners....how many IWW people have actually worked for McD's and can talk from experince instead of just rewording someone's complaint! The IWW doesn't care about you the average employee, they want media coverage and your paycheque! Ask them how much of your pay they'll take for "union dues" Ask them how people are going to be fired so that others can have more hours, ask them how many stores will close because of unionized employees, meaning all of a sudden restaurants will close cause all of a sudden their unprofitable.... Ask them what they'll do for the average worker, they talk good, kinda like a used car salesman, but look for the fine print!!

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