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Posted by: McD Worker ( Canada ) on August 24, 1998 at 00:13:52:

In Reply to: obviously the food's not nutritious posted by McD Worker on August 22, 1998 at 19:34:49:

I'm not saying its right for McD to say its food is healthy when its not, my point is that if the customer doesn't trust McD to do their own research obviously if its fried it can't be healthy...if a the customer wants to know excatly how much fat and salt and everything else in a burger or whatever, they can go to any McD restaurant and ask for a McD nutritional Fact booklet listing all products and their content..Its up to the customer...many other companies/brand names say thier product is low in fat but its not.

McSpotlight: But some customers do trust McDonald's and assume that the company is telling the truth if it says the food is nutritious. And they are not likely to restrain themselves to eating there only occasionally if they believe that the food is good for them. McD nutritional fact booklets aren't always available, not everyone wants to spend half an hour researching fat levels before eating a meal, and anyway often those very 'fact' booklets portray the food as nutritious.

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