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Two points for corporate loyalty

Posted by: Quincunx ( IWW ) on August 26, 1998 at 10:04:47:

In Reply to: Working at McD's. posted by McD Worker on August 25, 1998 at 00:22:24:

McDW: What i'm trying to say is that McDonald's restaurants are different across the world..Good and Bad..i'm lucky to be in a good one...For those of you who complain about the working conditions, why not call the board of health or a gov't agency which deals with working conditions, maybe your country doesn't enforce its standards as much as they should....

Qx: Excuse me..but when did any country enforce their standards when a company like McDonald's sets the standards? Many local governments won't even question the company due to it's monetary grip on so many legislatures.

McDW: I think its stupid and childish that people are "putting down" those who are happy with McD's, especially the adults and the IWW...

Qx: I think ots childish to be a sycophant and not to even question or research the origin of corporations and McDonald's hand in the evolution of the fast food industry. What you do is apologize for corporate exploitation and state your subjective opinions as global fact. There's nothing childish in questioning that.

MCdW: If a region requests a union {by its employees} thats fine, but don't try to speak for the rest of us who don't wish to belong to a union, for they too are a business who wants your money.

Qx: You really don't know much about unions do you? Do some research and perhaps you might be better at faking the reasonable line. As an IWW member I have consistently told other folks the ins and outs of unions and the differences therein. It's about time you made that distinction.

McDW: If they say their not a business, ask them how much of your pay they'll take, then wait and see to see what you get in return..not much....

Qx: You could have done a much better job at gross over-generalization but I guess this is the best you can do.
McDW: For all of you who are happy to work for mcD's, thats great and keep up with your postings re-enforcing your experences to let others know that despite what others and mcSpotlight sat about the corporation, you're enjoying yourself and its not so bad working at McDs And no, i'm not being paid to say this if McDonald's was treating me wrong, i'd join the rest and be posting negitive messages bout the Corporation, but at the moment i don't have any complaints.

Qx: Yeah, like most people are just going to believe you at face value while you can re-inforce each others collective false consciousness.

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