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They can't kill you. And if they do, they can't eat you.

Posted by: Trolley Dolly ( Northern Ireland ) on August 27, 1998 at 11:13:10:

In Reply to: rude people posted by LIZ on August 26, 1998 at 10:31:25:

I can appreciate how you feel. There are many times when I close my eyes and think "someone beam me up out of here". But, it's not going to happen, and you are the person in control. You are a manager because somewhere along the line you demonstrated the ability to handle situations like these. With a little planning you can avoid the world of hurt you describe. I know how it happens. It starts with a steady trickle of sick calls - everyone is dying with Saturday Night Fever. For some reason the traffic is nose to tail, and you can't tell if all those honking horns are on the road outside or in your drive thru queue. There is a promotion on, and you are being overwhelmed by demand for a ice cream, and the machine can't keep up. Then, water drips from the ceiling, and starts to fall into a fryer. The drip becomes a gush, so you get up the stepladders to investigate. Aware of the chance of a massive electrical short at any moment, you tell a passing crew member to turn off the power. She activates the built in fire extinguisher. And then one of the lobby crew comes to the bottom of the ladder and says "there's a lady out here wants to see a manager" You may be laughing, but this all happened to me a while back. And it was not at all funny. Some of the things, I could have had some control over. Some of them not. But I always apply my by now famous philosophy. "It's only burgers. They can't kill me. And if they do, they can't eat me." Try saying that to yourself next time it's all going pear shaped !


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