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I agree

Posted by: Shaun ( USA ) on August 27, 1998 at 11:45:52:

In Reply to: rude people posted by LIZ on August 26, 1998 at 10:31:25:

I agree. As a BK manager, I know exactly how you feel. I will be happy to fix a problem for our customers (Its usually our fault anyway) But some customers think that they are the only customers we are helping. It seems they dont care about the other 20 people on line, they just care about themselves. For instance, last week at about 9am for breakfast we were very busy. (We always are at 9am or 10am, peak breakfast time as Im sure you know) Well anyway, the drive thru line was wrapped all the way around the drive thru and into the parking lot. While one of the employees was giving out food at the window, a lady walked up to the window and said "I am about 5 or 6 cars behind and this is an emergency, can you please ask everybody to drive past the window and to the side so I can get out of here?" The other manager asked what was wrong and she told us that her son was in a play and she had to get to the school to see him. The other manager told her thats not an emergency and she would have to wait on line like everybody else. She got mad and we told her its her problem, and that she saw the long line and she chose to drive up anyway. We are not going to make all of our customers suffer just because some idiot chose to wait on a long line when she knew she was pressed for time. She knew exactly what she was getting into.

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