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Drollness Ce Soir?

Posted by: Quincunx ( IWW ) on September 01, 1998 at 00:41:06:

In Reply to: Too tired to think up a witty title tonight posted by Trolley Dolly on August 11, 1998 at 10:48:29:

TD:But the info is there for anyone who has the means to access it, which is sometimes preferable to face to face - especially, if as you say, workers are intimidated because they are in contact with you. I still think you need to publicise yourselves better to get the support you want. That way you can maybe build Rome a little quicker ! Maybe even in your lifetime !

Qx: What's this about Rome being built? It's already been built and the system of distribution called capitalism is the dominant paradigm. You really should undertake some media studies in a serious way before you tell us to advertize.

: TD:If you paid with cold hard cash I'm sure they'd let you post up whatever you liked !

Qx: You really don't understand the powers-that-be do you? They have enough money to refuse cash.

: TD:Your style seems to have altered overnight - since I convinced you of who I am not !

Qx: No. That's hardly the case but you can go ahead and assume if you want.
--------------- ON ALCOHOLISM---------------------------------------
: TD:And I was talking about my house. That's where I drink G&Tand email from. I certainly don't do either of those things at work !

Qx: Oh come on now! That doesn't mean that your mean-spirited attitude doesn't get amplified in the workplace because you don't drink on the job or have Internet access. You can always start at home and take it for a commute.

----------------------ON CONSENSUS DECISION-MASKING---------------

:TD:Another time maybe. I haven't got all night !

Qx: You should post about it sometime. You don't seem to be very familiar with consensus decision-making in the least. Especially if you crab at it and hold your authoritarian views as the best. It's the difference between having and being but then again that might not be what you're wanting to come to terms with.

: TD:Have you ever worked for a franchisee ?

Qx: Of course I have! It's still a comapny culture and the Adbusters posting blows away your argument pretty much out of the water.

-------------------------ON HEIRARCHY----------------------------------

: : TD: There is no hierarchy above you. You work for an individual businessperson. This situation is a benefit because it's easier to negotiate and share ideas.

: : Qx: You just contarcdicted yourself here. Working for an individual businessperson is a heirarchical social situation. there's no way around it by saying it's not.

: TD:It's not as hierarchical as working for the company. In a franchise store you have:

: crew-->managers-->franchisee

: In the company you have:

: crew-->managers--->supervisor--->ops consultant--->market manager--->regional VP--->senior VP--->CEO

Qx: This is rather faulty in that you fail to see that even one person in a position of dominance over another person constitutes a heirarchy. Same difference but less of the arrows and pompous titles though.

--------------------------ON FUN--------------------------
: : Qx: Have fun.

: TD: In my job !?

Qx: Maybe you should start organizing a union or quit. That way you can either allow a grievance procedure against yourself by workers (horrors!) or just toss in the towel and admit that capitalism sucks.

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