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bk you have got to joking

Posted by: mel ( mcdonalds, aus ) on September 01, 1998 at 01:27:34:

It is understandable that BK is starting to take over the market in the USA, I have seen for myself McD's standards and have you all noticed everybody is basically copying. Not to say standards in the USA haven't dropped but here in Australia McDonalds is the true leader.

Recently a BK was set up near the store that I manage, however six months down the track, BK is ready to go. Why? Well fast and friendly service doesn't exist at a place where you have 2 registers operating to save on the cost of labor. Disgruntled BK customers continually complain to us about rude and slow service. McDonalds have a critical service standard in place which most consumers know about. Who doesn't go to McD's and expect fast and friendly service. Why don't other competitors have their standards as common knowledge? My opinion on this is that then cunsumers would expect them to actually work.

I find it hard to beleive KFC for example has any such standards in place because everyone goes there and expects to wait 4 to 5 minutes - but when your at McD's you EXPECT to be served immediately. Walk up service is our goal and i don't believe any other food chain would place such a specific goal on it's team.

As a store manager i understand that there are some problems with the running of some stores. McDonlds has developed critical training methods in order to increase total customer satisfaction. Measured through a number of programs such as secret shoppers, surveys, discussion group etc. Without McD's setting the standard from the start BK and other competitors wouldn't really know what to do would they?

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